Physical Planning & Development (PP&D)

"Pursuing sustainable initiatives & providing quality services in support of SF State's educational mission"

Mission Statement

The department's mission is to provide an aesthetically attractive, sustainable and functional physical environment that fosters optimal student learning and living; faculty instruction and research; and staff support of the academic programs.

Principal Functions

PP&D is an organic organization, routinely changing to meet current and future demands of our campus constituents. Our main objective is to increase the department's integration with the larger campus community by:

  • Maintaining our academic and research facilities
  • Optimizing classrooms and lecture halls
  • Retrofitting our academic buildings and residence halls for expansion and better utilization of space
  • Upgrading old building systems to achieve efficiencies and user comfort
  • Designing and constructing new facilities to meet today's green standards

Our core departments and campus-wide programs include:

  • Capital Project Management (CPM) led by Associate Vice President, Barry JodatianĀ 
  • Planning and Design led by Executive Director, Jill AnthesĀ 
  • Facilities & Service Enterprises (F&SE) led by Associate Vice President, Frank Fasano
  • University Property Management (UPM) led by Executive Director Jeny V. Patino
  • Sustainability Program led by the Director of Sustainability Caitlin Steele